Some thoughts

Oct 10, 2011, 3:15 PM |

I'm stagnated, or rather declining. For various reasons. Anyway, I'm aiming at becoming good at real life play, not correspondence chess. So, I have to make certain changes to the way I play turn-based games here on Here is what's I'll do from now on (even if it means my rating will decrease): 

  • Not use the Analysis board
  • Not use the Game Explorer
  • Use a clock, to pace myself, not making a move too slow (or too fast!). 
  • Choose some few openings, and stick to them. 
  • Make sure to look for all checks, captures and threats before every move! 
  • Play no more than 10 games at once, and only play 1-day games. 

Hopefully, this will help, maybe not right now, but in the long run.