The Mensa of Chess

Sep 13, 2011, 8:44 AM |

Looking at my rating here on I was intrigued by the percentile written next to the rating. Right now, my rating is 1545, and my percentile shows I'm higher rated than 81.8 % of the players on Being a goal oriented kind of guy, I wanted to know what rating was equal to a 98 percentile score here on Why 98 %? For the simple reason that to be a member of Mensa, one needs to score higher than 98 % of people on an IQ test.

Looking through a bunch of profiles, it seems that a rating of 2,000 is the magic number. With a score of just a little more than 2,000, one would be in the "Mensa of Chess". A rating of around 1,700 is better than 90 % of all players on And someone with a rating of 2,500 is higher rated than 99.9 % of all players.