The Super King and the Super Queen

Sep 27, 2011, 9:36 PM |

Imagine you are offered to play a game beginning like a normal game, except for one thing: you are offered only two pieces, a Super King and a Super Queen, starting on the typical King and Queen squares, but with no pawns, and no other pieces, on the board. Your Super King and Super Queen are very unlike normal Kings and Queens, since they can freely jump from any square on the board, to any of the other 63 squares on the board - in one move. Now, would you be willing to play a game - as White - with only these two pieces, against on entire, 16 man, Black army? Hopefully, your answer is yes. How come? Well, the game would only last one move: 1. Qf7#. Game over. 

Here is the game in it's full length. It begins like this... 



And ends like this... 



Yes, Black is checkmate, since the Black's King cannot capture the Super Queen, as she is defended by her Super King on e1

Unfortunately, we can only dream of having such Super Kings and Super Queens. Buenos sueños.