When the engine shelved the Latvian

Nov 24, 2011, 12:45 AM |

Until today my favorite Black opening has been the Latvian Gambit. But after playing with my new toy, Stockfish, for some hours, I have decided to put the Latvian Gambit to rest. I've enjoyed playing the Latvian Gambit, and I think I've learned quite a bit doing so, first and foremost that material isn't everything. I've won games with the Black pieces and the Latvian Gambit being down a Rook and a Knight. This experience has taught me a lot. But now it's time for new adventures in hi-fi. 

With the White pieces, I've played the Danish Gambit whenever I had the chance. The engine isn't pleased with this opening either, but it does evaluate it as being better than the Latvian Gambit (especially since I've been playing the Fraser Variation of the Latvian Gambit). I think I will find another White opening as well, although I might stick with 2. d4, after 1. e4 e5

Now the question is: which openings will be in my repertoire from now on? This I will have to think about.