never too late to learn CHESS

never too late to learn CHESS

Jul 1, 2014, 2:58 PM |

As I can recall when I was a kid, I used to see my old man playing CHESS against my uncles, our neighbors and his buddies from work. It really stuck into my head until now, that people who usually plays CHESS were mentally gifted literally speaking people with whose intelectual capacity were above the norms of standards. 

Out of my curiousity I asked my old man to teach me its basics. As a father of course, he didn't make it too hard for me to ask. With joy he then taught me its basics, just plain basics of how the pieces moves and captures, and of course like in any other game, it has its Goals, to Bring the opponents King to Checkmate. Too young to understand Complexity of the Game, I never showed interests to study and learn more about the game. Until I reached secondary, again, this game came acrossed to me, it was in my senior years where I took the C.A.T. Officer's Training. Our commandant is the arbiter/Committee In-Charge of CHESS GAME during our Intramurals. 

I played and lose, then i never ever really showed interests to cultivate more my knowledge on the Game. I played baseball on that days where I was the Short Stuff in our Team. Days had passed and still, seldomly I encountered CHESS GAME in my days path. 

Just until now, I was diagnosed of Varicocele which became an obstacle to my proffession as a Seafarer. As we all know Overseas Workers needs to pass a strict medical examination. And literally,when pain strikes it brought me to an unsleepless nights and terrible uneasyness. To keep myself busy, and not knowingly the pain I felt, I clicked the button REGISTER. And to my surprise its CHESS.COM, oh I was like stoned for a minute. Then I began to recall my old man's teachings and advices to study and earned a lot of accumulated knowledge as I remeber my old man's advice.

That's how came to realized the elders saying,"don't play CHESS, if you don't have the gift(intellect)."

They're partially right, but conceptually wrong.For me, CHESS is like any other games that carefully needs Study and constant learning, but you've got to have the Heart and Passion for it. 

I wrote this blog, to my experience just earlier that I had found out, my opponent's age is 12 years old (not to mention names for the sake of PRIVACY). So, I came to think that actually, CHESS doesn't really counts on a person's age after all. It's the pursuance of self desire to be open to learning the things which you thought impossible. If you really like or need something that you were so eagerly wanted to have, so grab it like a treasure. Work hard for it, to achieve something is a product of self determination and patience to learn.

As a beginner that religiously into studying Chess Books, I will share this event as I'd read in one of my CHESS BOOKS. The Game featured below was taken from my favorite Chess Book Author/GM Alexander Kotov, as qouted "A lack of desire really to go into concrete variations thoroughly, a vague wandering about, those are my characteristic mistakes in my play in the 1936 Moscow Championship".

So for me it was really,"Never too late to learn CHESS". That was I'd thought about, for so may years that its too late for me to start/play CHESS. But, by this experiences of these Grand Masters they too, studying their moves and continues to develop/masters their Mind Skills and Game Strategies.


A complex game, yet millions of enthusiasts are fascinated by it.

                                                            --- Alexander Kotov

The beginner's mind:

"The thrill and the drama it has, the rules and concepts governing the game, the player's strategic and skillful minds, collectively becomes a unique piece of art in a four cornered-checkerd world of Kings and Pawns."

                                                          --- Marvin Supilanas