Mind the War (Poem)

Jul 20, 2015, 5:08 AM |


A poem I wrote :)

Mind the War

A game?
No, an art
The thoughtful process
Of slowly but surely
Dissecting your opponents’ mind;
Clinical in nature,
Attempting to contemplate their choices
Their instinct
Their decisions.

Beginning with a blank canvas
With purposeful brush strokes
A colour palette upon which you decide
Yet a superior tint repeatedly displayed;
The scarlet red;
Blood; a war.
Ending with an intricate painting.

Lies in the eyes of the player
Watching the pieces slide across the board
The Pawn; with minute steps yet a prospect for grander success
The Bishop; ruling the diagonals - steadfast and precise
The Knight; a tactical masterpiece, weaving a glorious trail
The Rook; shifting the winds beneath its feet as it rocks the board
The Queen; majestic, dominating the board at whim
The King; leading its army through me, a tower of strength

The rich smell of oiled wood
The soft light reflecting upon the marble pieces
The cloudy sweat trickling along my face
The dull clacking as the gladiators compete
The sudden rasp of steel foreshadowing demise
The checkered pattern, ever so mesmerising
Finite squares, infinite possibilities

It is
A double edged sword
And I walk upon the seamless 
Boundary of life and death
As I tread
My feet are repeatedly cut
Fresh blood drips along the edge
The scars tally my victories
One misstep; defeat; humiliation; failure
An endless fall

I compete,
For the ecstasy
Brought by every
Tournament, game, move.
Observing my adversary…
Cautiously evaluating…
For the time I bring down
The anvil that spells defeat.

Fight me! Mano a mano!