My Fairytale...

May 30, 2011, 4:20 AM |

A Fairytale I wrote for school:



The Chosen One

I walked towards an old, sinister castle. Just this evening I was called upon by the head magician to investigate the castle and its surroundings. Ever since the castle had mysteriously appeared, the magician was unable to set foot on its grounds. He said there was some charm that blocked him from entering. I was a tall, courageous and intelligent teenager who was to solve this mystery. Although the sheer size of it was intimidating, the entire architecture was remarkable. As I approached the main-gate, I looked in awe. An intricate pattern was engraved on the metallic gate. Curiously, I touched the complex pattern. The very moment I slid my index finger down a groove, a cold, eerie feeling ran down my spine.

Involuntarily, my body spun around and faced what seemed like an old, short, witch walk towards me. “Quotiln Carter,” said the witch, “you are the one who will lift the curse from this town. There is a dragon named Trageon Dragonsbane who lies within the castle. You shall slay him for he is the source of evil and the reason why a castle has immerged out of the underneath realms. I am Eithana Dryadson who shall help you accomplish this task.”

Surprisingly not frightened, I responded, “So... the dragon is definitely this so called ‘curse’?”

Almost purposely, she changed the topic, “Interesting, usually most humans run in fear when they see me but it appears you truly are The Chosen One.”

 “Me, The Chosen One?” I now asked in disbelief. Instead of answering she pulled out a blunt, gray, stone sword and handed it to me. “This is the legendary sword Excalibur. It believes you are the true owner and is ready to lend its power,” she said. Without letting me respond she elaborated, “In case you reach a situation where you need help, open and use the contents of this box.” As Eithana the witch gave me the considerably small, blue box, she transformed into a raven and soared into the nightly air.  

While pondering about what had just happened, I slowly turned my head towards the remarkable, black and elegant fortress that rose from inside its surrounding walls. “I will have to lift the curse if I want to save my town,” I thought. With that objective in my mind I smashed open the gate with my stone blade and ran quickly towards the main-hall door.

As I approached the rather wide, wooden door; I noticed three ancient words engraved into the mahogany wood. The sign read, Dac Net Anter. Immediately, I realised it probably meant Do Not Enter. Ignoring the caution, I pushed down on the smooth, silver, polished handle and clicked open the door. “This is just a distraction. The quicker I end this, the sooner this nightmare ends,” I thought to myself. As I walked towards the shadows in the wide hall, I could feel an evil presence. “Who dare awaken me?” roared an enormous tailed beast. An entirely black dragon, except for blood red eyes and enormous wings rose out of the shadows. Almost as though expecting the question, I responded, “Quotiln Carter. I will be the sole person who lifts the curse.”

After speaking those words I realised that the creature in front of me was the curse that the witch had mentioned. Looking around I noticed fractures in the dome shaped room. “You are misunderstanding the situation human,” said the dragon calmly. Although I was a bit confused as to why he said that, I assumed that it was a trick to lure me in. “Every second that this battle prolongs, the more he can analyse me,” I whispered to myself, “I will finish him off now.” With that strategy in my head, I ran and slashed him with the Excalibur. Even with my enhanced strength and speed, the sword did nothing but inflict a minor cut. “Listen to your elders,” he yelled, slightly irritated. Before I distanced myself, a large razor-sharp claw came crashing down. Barely avoiding the blow, I got back to my feet. “At this rate I will be crushed by his brutal strength, and the sword appears to do no noticeable damage,” I thought.

A slight grin formed on my lips as I opened the mysterious blue box – my last resort. My eyes widened as I realised that the box contained nothing more than a single sentence written on it: Do not lose trust, believe in Excalibur and it will lend you its power.

Immediately, with renewed faith in the blade, I pointed Excalibur directly at the dragon. I felt the sword tremble as it shot a beam of cold force and enveloped the medieval dragon with the icy substance. The instant I froze the mythical creature, the Excalibur emitted a high pitched screech and destroyed the slab of ice to smithereens. As ice crystals slowly floated to the marble floor, the cracks in the walls slowly returned to a pristine condition. Although I had slain the dragon, I still felt an evil presence close by. As I turned my back to the dragon who was no more; the witch materialized in front of me.

“Ah...a mistake by my part,” I said before she could interrupt, “I was so immersed into lifting the ‘curse’, that I forgot to think about who I was killing. It’s a shame that the dragon has been slain,” I paused with a hint of bitterness in my voice, “he was not the are the curse.”

“I was thinking of letting you go free; but now that you found your true enemy, it matters no more. You have just killed the dragon who was the only obstacle that stopped me from using this ancient castle. You were only needed for that task because a protective barrier blocks me from killing the dragon. Thank you for your help but you are now useless to me. I shall disintegrate your body and soul with a simple spell,” she concluded confidently.

“I will kill you right here, right now,” I snapped as I clenched my fist.

“Do you really think that you can defeat me with just that ‘sword’? And don’t forget I have centuries of magical experience,” Eithana questioned sarcastically.

“Yes, for I am The Chosen One and I learnt that this is no ordinary sword. It has a mind of its own obeys orders,” I responded with a smirk on my face, “finish her off, Excalibur.” The witch’s eyes widened as the blade spun upwards, pointed at her chest and thrust into her heart. Crouching down, I watched as Eithana Dryadson turned to dust, the castle around me disappeared and my town returned to its former state. I got up to an upright position with my hands in my pockets and whispered, “The curse has finally been lifted.”