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Chess960: Better than Classical Chess

Chess960: Better than Classical Chess

Aug 17, 2009, 7:14 PM 4

I am writing this post to spread a blasphemous message that "Chess960 is BETTER than classical Chess." It is my hope and prediction that 960 will no longer be called a "variant" in the future because it will have equaled classical chess in popularity. This video about Chess960 is actually not a very good video, but it delivers the message that many of us 960 fans are trying to spread as the variant grows in popularity.

Why do I think 960 is better than classical chess? Because Chess960 completely eradicates the ability to study openings. Now chess can be played as it was meant to be played - at the spur of the moment! We all have to train our minds to become better calculators, strategists, tacticians, but not rememberers. Chess960 levels the playing field between players who have years of study and players who don't.

It's too bad that Fischer is no longer around to see his creation become popular, but it's cool that his legacy will live on in this "New Chess."

If you haven't played 960 yet don't be scared and just try it!

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