Oct 29, 2014, 11:42 AM |

I have the honor and privilage at helping patients, many of which are WWII war veterens. They would often share stories about what they went through during their time in service. One particular gentleman said he survived the landing at Omaha beach June 6, 1944 and that many of his friends didnt. While talking to him I could not help but think of that scene from Saving Private Ryan... and this man lived through that. Another gentleman flew in a B-24 Liberator out of Italy during WWII... he was a tail gunner and survived 15 missions. Those stories would bring me to my own dad and what he went through during his time serving in the US NAVY 1944-1947. 

I noticed that all of these men had things in common... they were very respectful, soft spoken... humble. The thing was... just being there... helping/teaching them how to get out of their hospital bed... and to learn to walk with their walker... completly humbled me to be helping them. 

This was the sign off just before our the TV station would finish running shows until the next morning. When I work with these patients for some reason it comes to mind.