Anybody Want To Learn To Play Guitar In Exchange For Chess Lessons

Jan 2, 2016, 10:37 PM |

My name is Clyde Barber and I am 13 year veteran on the guitar. I also sing, write my own songs, play the drums as well as the Harmonica. I could give lessons on any of these subjects. I recently started learning chess about 4 months ago and have become very addicted to the game. Getting straight to the point I would like to teach someone here how to play guitar or whatever in exchange for them teaching me how to play chess better. I am looking for anyone over 1700 to train with. I figure equal time, 30 min for 30 min. I hope someone sees this as exciting and interesting as I do. Looking forward to hearing from you!

If you want proof I'm beast check out me playing 5 instruments at once to a blues jam I wrote below