The Austrian Attack

Oct 6, 2007, 12:24 PM |

I am seriously contemplating giving up playing the Pirc in defense against 1. e4 because of this attack.  I have a book that demands the following response, written by a grandmaster. 

1. e4 ... d6

2. d4 ... Nf6

3. Nc3 ... g6

4. f4! ... Bg7

5. Nf3 ... c5!?


this set up is the cover of my book, and I cannot find a single satisfactory middle game out of it.  I was most worried by the simple  dxc5 followed by my reply of retaking with a pawn and then that terrible queen swap which weakens my fianchettoed bishop and leaves me without a castled king.  However I was just played 6. Bb5! in a game against Raymond D. which leaves me in a bad way as well.  Knight to c6 falls to the pawn thrust, and interposing my own white bishop leaves my King Knight without a retreat sqaure after e5!  I am at a loss here I am going to consult my book, however if anyone has any ideas on this subject I'd love to hear them.  Especially now that two of my regular opponents, Ray and Raymond, have both discovered and are keen to play this attack against me.