How to become a "MAGNUS CARLSEN"? Secrets unfolded!!

How to become a "MAGNUS CARLSEN"? Secrets unfolded!!

Jul 12, 2013, 6:58 AM |

Alright this is some concrete stuff on how to become the world's best grandmaster like Magnus Carlsen!!!
This stuff works and I assure you that you could be next Magnus Carlsen!!
I'm definitely on the way to become the next Magnus Carlsen!!
Come & Join me!!

The Secrets Unfolded!!

Secret No 1)

go to 


& Download it!!!

Then the Game Begins!!

Secret No 2) 

Learn as much as you can from this Treasure source & you will be soaring in chess glory but in order to acheive this feat!!..... You will need two basic things

a) Human Perseverance

b) 2-4 hours of Chess Study daily which means HARDWORK!!

So the meaning of Hardwork = "2-4 hours of intense chess study daily"

Now in order to study you will need

 ****  A Chess Board  ****

Get a cheap one if your starting off(amateur)!!

 *** Download & Install Deep Fritz to your LAPTOP ***

 Here's the link if you don't have the money to buy one!!

Alright that's that!!!

Secret No 3)

Workout!!!.... Exercising is the key to developing your brain guys & chess skills!

Secret No 4)

Never play blitz if you are an amatuer. Always play 30 minute games!

Secret no 5)

Play games on only on sundays! The other days should be used up for intense chess studying!!

Secret No 6)

Download the tactics trainer android app and install it onto your phone!

Here's the link

And play it whenever you feel your jobless and I mean it!

Btw my rating jumped from 1200 to 1400 on blitz by just practicing tactics!! It improves your pattern vision!! 

Secret no 6)

Don't give up everything for chess. I know I know, this is not a secret but I'm just sayin. Btw I'm a student of architecture!! but my love for chess will always be there and I shall strive to beat the greats!! and one of them greats is Magnus Carlsen!

Secret no 7)

Try getting your hands on some classical music & play it while studying Chess. Studies shows that it improves creativity. 
You will always need creativity to become the better player. 

Secret no 8)

If you have just started playing chess or even if you are an experienced player, Keep the "10 YEAR CHESS PLAN" in mind.

It's simple!!! Set your goals for 10 years from now!!...... My goal for 10 years from now is to atleast become a National Mater!!..... & probably become an International Master! & hopefully become a grandmaster & surprisingly become the World Champion(this is a long shot but worth the shot)

Secret no 9)

Forget about other hobbies like gaming, watching TV, & other time wasting activities. 

Also if your my age say 20-25 then don't fall in love. It's really bad for chess. If you achieve some feat in chess, only then you have to consider going for a relationship & stuff.

Secret No 10)

Pay back after you've done watching & reading all of their stuff(100 gb)..... It clears your conscience. 

Note: Don't pay up right away. Maybe after become a GM or something!! You'll probably be paid shitload of money by then!!



So that's that folks!!

Btw by following these methods, you will not beat Magnus Carlsen. I just typed that in as the heading to get your attention. 

NOTE FOR AMATUERS: You'll probably end up being an NM but with sheer determination you could probably end up an IM. GM  is a long shot guys!! You could jump from say 1200 to 1800 in a period of 5 years & from 1800 to 2200 in another 5 years!

NOTE FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS & PROS: If you guys are reading this blog, then I'm sorry to say this but you have no chess future. You have come down to the level of the amatuers & thus reading an amatuer chess players blog on! Instead your supposed to be under a real life chess coach's training,  being taught day in & day out!! That's the only way you could become a great chess player!



Stick by whatever I've given in the top 10 secrets of chess! & if you think you have what it takes to become a chess Grandmaster, i.e if you improve your chess game!

Then Book tickets to Europe & Russia & get trained from a famous coach. You've gotta sacrifice atleast a year or two to do this. 
I'm saying all this because Fabiano Caruana was a nobody & only after he flew to Italy to be coached under grandmaster Alexander Chernin did he become one of the best grandmasters the world has today.

And for an inspiration read this:


All the best guys! I've been on this journey for 6 months now & from this day onwards I'm gonna get serious about chess & I mean "BIG TIME SERIOUS!!"

Let's do this together!! Drop in on the comments if you want to be on this journey too!! & what you think about the blog!

Feel free to be rude(but try to make sense while being rude & try not being racist) & feel free to criticize me!!

Cheers! & thanks for reading! 

See yall Next sunday!


PS: Oops!! I forgot something really important to tell yall! Well I guess this is another ultimate secret. 

Attend your first chess tournament(REAL LIFE) only after you've mastered the Ruy Lopez, Sicilian, Queen's Pawn openings, Scandinavian, French, Modern Openings,(these are the openings that I've heard of & that I've typed in on spot without reference)

Plan on entering your first tournament with this in mind


My eccentric idea for me getting into the chess field is winning each & every game I play!! I know it sounds stupid but hey! "IT WOULD BE COOL"