Magnus Carlsen is a chess God!! .... I shall strive to beat him

Magnus Carlsen is a chess God!! .... I shall strive to beat him

Jun 13, 2013, 10:16 AM |

I was just watching Magnus Carlsen vs Vladmir Kramnik on Deep Fritz 13 and I must say (I think) Magnus Carlsen is a mix of Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov.

Here's the game

Magnus Carlsen plays concretely(minimizing errors & with a great tactical vision) 

I think he knows all openings in chess and variations upto move 20 or even more especially the d4 openings since it is played a lot these days.

He has great physical health which keeps him focused and sharp so he plays his opponents psychologically over the chess board till they blunder or are exhuasted.

I think Vishy doesn't stand a chance with Carlsen during the world championships in Chennai, India during November, the main reason being he's got a tummy. But he's got the support of the home crowd but chances are very low.

And also I'm not a fan of Anand. I mean I love his games and all but because he made this statement that

"If you aren't a grandmaster by 14, forget about chess"

Now that ain't cool bro!! Coz I strive to become one by 34 and hopefully World Champion. I'm 20 now and totally into chess these days.

Forget Vishy, Let's talk about Magnus Carlsen

He's a machine. Look at the shape of his head, it's got the perfect shape of a thinktank Robot. If Robot heads were manufactured, it's got to take up the shape of Magnus Carlsen because it could lead to more efficiency and durability because of the Square Face which is got a lot of space in it.
Magnus is a got a lot of space in his head alright.

Magnus is not influenced by girls so I think this is another major reason why he is the best player in the world. He wouldn't have been what he is now if he had a girlfriend and that's a fact.

Magnus exercises daily. Go ask him personally and I assure you, he'd say "YES, exercise keeps me focused in chess" (Physical exercise btw)

Magnus Carlsen is got a account on and plays tactics trainer everyday so as to improve his tactical vision.

I know most of what I've written is gibberish but you'll never know coz it might turn out to be the truth.

So here's to the Living Chess Legend "Magnus Carlsen"

also to the upcoming Killa Chess Legend "Cobicool1992" aka "ChessGOD" who shall jump from 1400 to 2500 in a period of 5 years(only on and who shall beat Magnus Carlsen at the age of 35. Yes People I plan on beating Magnus Carlsen when I become 35. 


Thanks for reading!