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Blunderless Games! Three Blunders!

Blunderless Games! Three Blunders!

Feb 3, 2014, 10:08 AM 0

Hey guys I'm starting a series on how many blunders I make every game.

Today I just made three blunders

This was Queen's Gambit Accepted 3.Nf3 sidlines opening

Btw the guy in the image is "Isidor Gunsberg" and he's famously known for narrowly losing the World Championship Match with Wilheim Stenitz in the 19th century. I googled "blunderless" and he was the first guy who popped up in google images.

Cheers guys! hope you guys have fun going through my games and it would be cool to have your feedback and how I could improve my chess.

Cheers again!

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