Finally 1700+ in Blitz after over three years

Finally 1700+ in Blitz after over three years

May 3, 2015, 12:26 AM |

Hey guys,

It has been three years since I started taking chess a little more seriously, and I've improved by leaps and bounds. I wasn't really good at anything since school and I used to call myself average. I have never concentrated on any single aspect and I was always confused leading me to nowhere.(they named me Mr. Confusion in the hindi tuitions I used to attend when I was a kid)  Yeah! I was that confused lol and I guess I still am. I used to play football (but never made it to the team although I was okay good because I felt intimidated when I was arround fellow peers), Baketball (never really went for coaching but played a lot of Ball), Hockey (went for coaching, coach asked me to join the team after school starts but then forgets about me when I approach him with my dad to ask to play for the team when school started, the list is endless. I've only seen failure in my life.

But I'm slowly trying to realize the meaning of life, and what is it that me as an individual should be doing on planet Earth. Life is not about being the consumer, and consuming whatever the 21st century materialistic world is throwing at you, but it's about giving back to society, learning something new and always learning, helping others, and improving yourself. Damn! I just went to the self-revelation side of this blog. Coming back to Chess!! 

I'm the sort of person that wants his/her name to be remembered and to be passed down generations after his/hers demise (*They should coin a word for 'his/her', it's too tedious to type it in*). Anyways yeah! I'm an ambitious guy and I haven't done shit apart from smoke weed, attend college and watch youtube which is the present scenario. So I started to turn to things that would help me out in the future like Chess where you always can improve and where there is no limit. I also take up courses on and edx to keep myself informed of the workings of the world.

Btw apart from all this, I'm studying to become an architect, so I hope all this experience of mine builds up to give me a decent career as an architect. 

Hope you guys too are not wading away time watching unncessary soaps, sleeping, boozing, doping, mcdonaldizing, and all the unproductive stuff but rather getting out there and doing something and bringing value to your life.


Here is the game that got me to 1700+, it's a bit messy and I was supposed to lose but I got lucky.

P.S I know I am exaggerating a bit here since I've only got 1700+ but this blog could also be as a step or motivation for me to reach for bigger heights. Maybe not a Grandmaster but at least a lifelong chess enthusiast.