You will lose if you smoke up. Period!

You will lose if you smoke up. Period!

Mar 31, 2016, 11:30 PM |

These were some of the games that I played when I was stoned after smoking marijuana. Marijuana doesn't help in getting you better at chess, in fact, it would hamper your game. So I'm trying to reduce my intake of marijuana from here on out. 

In a way, chess is helping me to quit drugs and lead a more telling life. Do read the annotations to these games as I have expressed what I was feeling in every move I played. 


The Confusing one


The Short one

The Berlin one

Rxf6 was critical in this game which I'd have not missed had I not been stoned. 


The premature Resign one

My opponent could have played on but he concurred that he blundered and that he was losing so resigned. Which was obviously wrong because he unknowingly was playing a solid main line variation of the Berlin Defence.


The Post-Stoning Game (THE KGD)

The winning on time in spite stuck in a losing position one