Preparing for return to OTB tournament

Preparing for return to OTB tournament

Jun 18, 2011, 9:28 AM |

Preparation going well. Only going back to work after 4 months off is slowing me down. Local chess club have an allegro tornament lined up for the summer. Hope that re-teaches me some clock handling, concentration and discipline.

Looking at a board again after MS forced me to wear glasses is a problem but is getting better. Got to get my opening repertoire a bit tighter with alternatives for certain situations.

This month I have alreadt reread Botvinik's greatest games and Alekhine's. Two great tournament players with styles which venn diagram my own (I hope!)

The dynamics of chess nowadays seems to have changed, openings are deeper, middlegames more aggressive and endgames more clinical. Muddling through is no longer an option.

It's been great to talk with like-minded people at the local club and has rekindled my interest just as much as playing on Chess.Com.

Next steps; tighten the openings as mentioned, possibly try something I've never played before.

              ;Tactics Puzzles

              ;Meditate and build up concentration (an MS prob)

              ; Stay well and get fitter

Enough to be going on with, I think. Next blog more detail.

Keep on loving chess dear readers