2 Games - 29 Moves

Jul 2, 2011, 7:34 AM |

Last weekend I played two games for my county in a junior competition. I won both my games and my school won the school's prize! Both games were rather short and the first game was possibly the shortest longplay game I will ever win.


To be fair to my opponent, I think he played much worse than he normally played. He fell for a trap that I have used successfully 3 times in OTB chess. I supppose the fact is that most players rush through the opening on autopilot.
The next game is far more interesting. I gave up the exchange, and although it was not the best move, I was never worse according to the computer. The sacrifice gave me practical chances and my opponent went wrong. Also interesting is that in this game, from move 4, my opponent used a lot of time in the opening. This caused me to underestimate him, however fortunately I was not punished.
I would appreciate any comments or analysis on the games. Thanks for reading.