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Looking to Improve

Looking to Improve

Dec 12, 2009, 10:36 AM 1

Improving in chess is something that most players here strive for. But books, engines and even a chess.com premium membership can only take you so far.

Most people reach a point in their chess development where they need someone to help them develop further. When I got to this point, ih8sens was able to help me develop further. He was able to play some takeback games with me, giving advice and useful comments throughout the game, followed by a detailed and legnthly post-mortem.

I find his coaching style will be good for most players, he spends time explaining things, but creates a friendly enviroment in which you can develop your own ideas, and he will explain in English, and not Rybka chess notation as is common with many coaches.

I would advise you to take up his offer of coaching if you want to take you game to a higher level, but are strugling to do so.

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