eliminating contradictions

Jul 20, 2010, 6:31 AM |

Sometimes we act against our own best interests.

We can do this both knowingly and unknowingly.

We are driven by twin desires:

1/ to keep that which we have

2/ to attain that which we have not

Our problems occur when these two things are mutually exclusive.

ie. I am playing in an online tournament against strong players

6 of the 10 games will go the same way.

I will fall over my shoelaces trying to create space whilst defending my pieces.

After about 15 moves (avg. all games), I noticed this pattern and decided to combat it. I went all out in the most open remaining games.

In one of the games it was like instant karma. As soon as I decided not to defend material at the expense of space my opponent resigned. Whereas when I decided to try and control both space and material against another my opponent tore me to pieces. it was a very good leason.