Collection of Demonstrative Games Part 2 | The Kožul Gambit
Zdenko Kožul

Collection of Demonstrative Games Part 2 | The Kožul Gambit


PART 2: 13. Rc1 (the Kožul Gambit)

Check out my post on how to play this line here - The Mar del Plata Attack: The Kožul Gambit.

Game 1:   FM  Orel Oskar (2311) vs.  GM  Milan Vukic (2460)

All of these games actually will not have the move 13. Rc1 played, but will transpose to the Kožul Gambit. This game, and all of the others too, will feature our old friend, the g4-g3 advance.

Game 2:  GM  Nana Dzagnidze (2558) vs.  WGM  Mihaela Sandu (2237)

Another crazy but interesting and instructive KID battle.

Game 3:  IM  Erno Gereben vs.  IM  Jozsef Szily

A wild and crazy back and forth game between two International Masters. Black builds up an attack, and white cracks under the pressure.

Game 4:  IM/WGM  Tuvshintugs Batchimeg vs.  WGM  Maria Formynik

Previously posted.

Can solve the puzzle? It is mate in five at most (hint in white text below):

Hint: Remember, pinned pieces don't protect! Calculate each variation, but your first move is a clearance.
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed today's games and analysis and appreciate the KID more for it. In the next post there'll be demonstrative games for 13. Nd3 and 13. b4.
See you next time!