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A Heartbeat Away

Jul 10, 2009, 6:11 PM 4

You’re a heartbeat away from making a mistake

You’re a heartbeat away from catching a break

You’re a heartbeat away from taking a fall

You’re a heartbeat away from leaving it all

If all your dreams were just a heartbeat away,

What more would you need to achieve them today?

Would the fear of an unfulfilled life, somehow, be enough?

Or, would you need something more to make you fearless and tough?

If all your fears were just a heartbeat away,

Even until death, would you not kneel down and pray?

To love, to live, to be truly alive;

No fear, no sorrow must ever survive;

Your mind must come to peace, understanding, and knowledge of the truth;

A spiritual inclining that was instilled from your youth.

The power to change is like the beat of a heart;

Where the next step you take is for the next step to start.

A heartbeat’s time span may be your moment of grace,

But be careful that procrastination does not land you in the wrong place.

Always keep in mind that this life must pass away,

But that your chance at true life is just a heartbeat away.


By Wilfred Sw McKenzie

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