Invisible to Everyone (part 3 of 3)

Feb 26, 2009, 5:57 PM |

One side note to invisibility or the lesser extreme of fitting-in is the feeling behind it. If you could fly, you might want people to marvel at the fact that you could fly, but if you can't fly, or as some might perceive it - do anything special - you wouldn't want anyone to notice you. In fact, because you can't do anything unique, you may not want anyone to know how truly handicapped you might be. It's like trying to stay out of the spotlight when you know you pissed your pants. It might not be as bad as that, but because everyone is different, it causes the fact to arise that each person might have unique traits about them that another person cannot readily relate to or perceive as common - traits that some might call defects. We all have defects then. Yet, we all do not want others to see our defects. Many of us would rather hide them, even if it means hiding ourselves, or becoming invisible. (Remember the defect might not only be a part of your appearance, but it can be the simple fact of something you can't do or that you are perceived to have no unique qualities.)

So, some persons wish to be invisible because they're not ready to fly. This is probably the most truthful description of where most of mankind are at right now. It's only a myth that there is nothing unique about you. Even if you had an identical twin, you could not have identical behavior plus identical interests plus identical thoughts; something has to be different. And those differences that you want to hide or aren't ready to accept and/or share yet, are what keeps you close to the invisible extreme. When you're ready to show the world what's different about you, then you no longer are even close to wanting to be invisible, but you want to fly. Therefore, no one wants to be invisible to everyone, but not everyone is ready to be seen by everyone.

One quote, which comes to my mind that might offer encouragement in this life process, is from a song called Light of the World, which speaks of God calling people to be lights of the world and it says "a city set on a hill cannot be hidden". This means that just as a city that is positioned in very visible place, you were created with traits that cannot go unseen forever, but are positioned (in your course of life) to be taken notice of. It's only a question of what do you want everyone to see?