In Memory of the King

Jan 24, 2009, 5:03 AM |

One year had passed since Bobby Fischer died.A lot had been said to praise or criticize him.To me, his personality is like an enigma-a very complex puzzle..leaving the world of chess while still at his peak.

Here is a poem, originally entitled, "The King is Dead" , A Tribute To Bobby Fischer

It was on March 9, 1943 when a king was born

He was filled with ingenuity but also filled with scorn

Stirring the fancy of chess-loving past and present generations

His brilliant moves along with his unpararelled accusations

His game with Byrne was "the game of the century"

The child prodigy became an instant celebrity

He became world champ by beating Boris Spassky

Considered as the "match of the century"

His personality, so complex just like his IQ

Refusing to play with Karpov, no one really knew

Were his demands so outlandish or foolish?

Who cares! It's his games we all love to cherish!

The king is dead and gone, but not his memories

He truly is the the greatest to ever play chess

Controversies haunted him even 'til  his final days

GM Robert James Fischer,may your soul rest in peace.


Note: Bobby Fischer once said, "All I want to do ever, is play chess." Coincidentally,his death at the age of 64, corresponds to the number of squares in a chessboard..........