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Some Players Never Know When It's Over

Jan 6, 2009, 9:45 PM 3

          My first game(s) in chess.com was filled with excitement as I had to play with someone I never knew and saw.I was also a little bit apprehensive coz' I might lose the game easily and that my opponent might not be entertained nor satisfied . However, things turned-out well and I even made a lot of friends and at the same time improved my skills.And then I participated in tournaments and so more games were in progress.My rating also improved until I met a dozen fo good players. I have to admit that I could never beat them , so I resigned. There's no use fighting a losing game! However , I noticed that some players I have encountered don't know when a game is over or not!  Even a beginner can figure it out that the game is already lost!What are these players hoping for, a miracle? Is the word 'resign' alien to their vocabularies?

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