My Own Chess Variant-CAT Chess

Dec 30, 2010, 8:58 PM |

I had created a chess variant,called CAT Chess, it uses the same board and same piece with some traps!CAT Chess stands for Chess of All Traps(CAT) Chess.

The board has three types of chess and totally 12 traps.

There is two ways to win, five ways to draw and two ways to lose.

Win Way(Lose Way is vice versa)

1.Checkmate the King then you wins

2.Force Check to force King enter trap then you wins

Draw Way

1.Insufficient Material


3.Threefold Repetition

4.50 move rule

5.Forced Trap Entering(with some specialized conditions)

There are three types of trap, each type has 4 on the chess board.

PS:The trap won't move away if your piece move.

Red Trap-Located on Two Player's Rook Place.

Yellow Trap-Located on Two Player's Knight Pawn Place.

Green Trap-Located on Two Player's 2 more square upper on Bishops.

Use of Traps:

In normal conditions, if you can force King to enter traps, you win! But if you meet special conditions, it's a draw(refer Drawing Conditions No 5.Forced Trap Entering)

For easier talk and prevent more no need typing, Checkmated Side(l) Checkmate Side(w)

Red Trap- Within 10 moves after the castlesW force L to enter trap, draws.

Yellow Trap and Green Trap doesn't force draw.

I hope will add this!

All traps are used to capture kings (white and black too). PS:Entering a trap is not a legal move for king! Except when you where forced to enter the trap, it appears as win for the opposite side as "Trapmate"(cool name, right?)

CAT Chess also supports Shuffled CAT(FischerRandom) as the trap positions is put to avoid king inside the trap at starting of Shuffled CAT!

If there is any programmers in may you try to program a two player game(Java Applet) for this CAT Chess so we all can test to use. TQ!

If you still have questions mail to or leave it in this blog!