about me...

Nov 30, 2008, 7:03 PM |

Just wanted to add that I have been away for almost 2 years...  Health has been up and down but would like to try and play when I am able...I am a 58 year old NOVICE that has been playing chess for about 40 years and just don't seem to get much better.  I have been married (this time) for 7 years and have 4 kids and 11 grandchildren.  I play guitar much better than chess and have been in a lot of rock and roll bands here on the east coast.  I also am a recovered addict of 18 years (one reason my game never got much better...) and I believe in a Higher Power (hasn't helped me at chess much though).  anywayI would like to learn and play a little better.  Am willing to play anyone that wants to play. And improve their record...LOL... Anyhow ya, all take care! And God Bless!!