Mar 17, 2012, 5:38 PM |

How to Play vs. Computer from a Specific Position

You can open a specific position and play it against the computer by opening a specific web address that includes a game's FEN (board position).

  1. Open >>Analysis Board & Editor<<.
  2. Click "Position Setup".
  3. Setup the desired position (drap/drop pieces).  Don't forget to select Side to Move and Castling options.
  4. Click "Copy FEN to Clipboard".
  5. Hightlight the FEN text and copy it to your computer's clipboard (Ctrl-C for PC's).
  6. Open a new browser window.
  7. Paste this address into your address bar:
  8. Then paste the FEN that you just copied to your clipboard (in step 5) to the end of that address.  For example: w K - 0 1