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Does John Simpson play chess?

Does John Simpson play chess?

Oct 24, 2012, 3:10 PM 1

Anyone in Britain will be aware of the Jimmy Savile news story and the programme Panorama, Jimmy SavileWhat the BBC Knew about the BBC's lack of action regarding rumours. In a very brief interview toward the end with foreign affairs correspondent, John Simpson he said “its the worst crisis in nearly 50 years”. This interview took place in what one would assume was his home with him reading the financial times over a coffee table on which was a solid chess set. It made me wonder if he played and wanted us to see it as as part of his personality and home life or did he just set it up as to make him look interesting. I’ve rejected the possibility that it wasn’t prepared and staged – I don't think they surprised him. The chess board wasn’t clear enough to see what was going on in the game but it looked pretty much like it was the starting position but with some pieces next to the board. From what I saw it looked like a whole other set of pieces. Anyway, I just think its interesting when someone chooses to show something of (what they want us to think is) their personality.

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