Can the blondes play great chess?

Can the blondes play great chess?

WGM crisfoisor
May 27, 2014, 10:59 AM |

-Of course:YES! if you have a different opinion, dare to share it with us(the blondes) Smile

I tried to write this article as a blond person 

and it was not very easy to do it having in mind so many blonde jokes such as:

Why do blondes like blonde jokes?
"Cause they make them feel famous!"

There were many famous blodes in my childhood, but my favourite was Cinderella's Charles Perrault.

Later on, after becoming a mother, I discovered Barbie as a blonde toy of my daughters' and in order to bring them close to my chess passion I tried to use Barbie as a tool.

Now, because half of my family are blondes(my mother and one of my daughters) I come to the conclusion that I have to prove that at least in my profession (chess) blondes are great!

As you could have noticed by my previous article I am very good making funny theories. So here it comes:

the blondes can play excellent chess!

To prove my new theory,I chose some examples from the blondes european and world women champions at the chessboard.

In all the puzzles proposed you have to find not only the best move, but the most spectacular one.

                                            Puzzle 1

                      Puzzle 2

Puzzle 3

Puzzle 4

Puzzle 5



I can say at the end of my post that :"I rest my case" and as Frank Sinatra said "I did it my way"

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