A good way to get better at chess

Jun 26, 2013, 6:14 AM |

Welcome to my blog, a good way to get better is to play online chess, if you play blitz/bullet chess then you must make fast moves and lack the time to consider optional canidate moves; this is bad for good chess learning, but people say its a lot of fun :)

Play online chess where you have days to consider a position before you make a move. Make notes of your ideas and go to the trouble of reviewing your games and look for the reasons you made errors.

No one 'wins' at chess, it is simply that errors by yourself or the enemy lose the game. Loss of position or material robs you of good options this means you have less options to make good moves, and you need time to consider your options.

Online chess gives you time to forsee possible mistakes or errors on your part b4 u make your move, simply select online chess games and the inteface will elt you see up to 12 games at a time. So only play up to 12 games so you can always easily view that game and look at it often while awaiting your enemy to make a move.

Then analyse your game afterwards and review where you made mistakes. My game improves simply by removing "blunders" = major errors, my goal is to make fewer mistakes than my enemy; this means i win more games on average.

I am happy to lose games since it shows me over time the situations where i make mistakes, i usually play players rated up to 200 points above me so i expect to lose more games but i do get better over time; when i review my games this shows me where i made errors.

Simply my aim is to make fewer errors on average in my last ten games, the game analysis tells me how often i make errors and fewer errors means more wins.

Review your games and play online chess and make fewer errors thus you get better...