ah finally online chess


So finally i have now got my online chess down to 12 games, this means i can see each one always in the interface and focus on making just great moves.

As i get better at avoiding mistakes my games will improve and then i will get free lessons from better high ranked players as they play against me.

I will learn more from better players by watching and learning how they make moves and finding out why.

By focusing on reviewing my games and avoiding as many mistakes this will give me free wins, the faster i progress the faster i will become a better player.

Then i will try and use these new skills of knowledge  and experience in my live games so i get better at practicing my decision making under "timed" conditions.

This way i should learn a lot of chess theory and also get better at putting it into "real live" practice.

Final thought; review my past games and avoid making any errors, wait for the nemy to die first by staying alive longer = higher rating = better player :)