Beginner Chess how to learn an opening

Jun 27, 2013, 6:16 AM |

Chess is an amazingly simple game to learn to play, it has about a dozen moves for the bits and a sozen basic rules.

One thing every chess player realises early on is the game starts equally and then they start losing :) Thus they come to realise the game is lost from the opening they used so they learn more about their opening and then still lose a lot of games.

Thus they believe their opening let them down and switch to another opening in the hopes of improving their win rate. The truth is thousands of others have done the same thing and some of them realise its not their opening but one of the other things such as tactics or position or whatever else they do not know that lost them the game and not their opening.

As any chess mentor this situation; show a complex position after the first seven moves, a 1200 rated player will see maybe 2 canidate moves. A 1600 rated player would see 4 canidate moves, a 2000 player 8 canidate moves and a 2400 rated player 16 canidate moves.

Thus more experience shows that more options are available and the higher rated player would not only see more move options but also select better canidate move options due to their overall better general chess knowledge.

If lower ranked players are messing around changing their openings trying to find a magic bullet to kill their enemy with they cannot also be improving their overall general chess knowledge so they are harming their own chess development.

Simply any long standard accepted chess opening is solid and reliable and if you are using any of a dozen main openings then if you change all that learning is lost since you have not had time to reinforce the knowledge you are gaining each game simply by sticking with the one opening.

I suggest you use the Scotch Game as your White opening and the Caro-Kann/Slav as your Black opening; but any proven opening will serve you forever. I only make these recommendations since they have the best overall features for a beginning chess player to use and learn; of course they are totally proven and solidly reliable.

So find an opening and use it for 1000 games or one year before you start looking into another opening. This means you will become increasingly familar with your opening and trust it in almost any situation you might find yourself in.

Simply i suggest you pick one opening (and do not play unsuitable openings) [unsuitable openings are the KiA, Colle or 'true' gambits as well as many others] select a proven opening and use it always thus you have more time in your busy life to live life and learn other essential chess ideas and knowledge so your overall chess development improves.

So i urge you to just use one opening and focus on avoiding mistakes in your games and reviewing your games afterwards to find the true reason you are losing...