Beginners how to evaluate a chess position.

Jun 26, 2013, 5:44 AM |

Firstly i am new to chess so how do i evaluate a position. Firstly funny enough since i play online the first thing i do i look at the enemy players rating.

This rating tells me how likely that enemy is to make a mistake, chess rating is not of a players strengths but of their weaknesses, so i know a 1200 player is going to make more mistakes than a 1500 rating thus i need to be more careful of my errors.

I rate material kNight or Bishop = 3 points, Rook = 5, pawn = 1 and Queen = 9. This tells me the material balance, then i look at how far those pieces or pawns are "pushing" into my half of the board or into my position.

So now i see how much space is occupied by myself and my enemy, then i look at how co-ordinated their bits are together, are bits aiming or moving as a wave; working together or are they all doing their own independent things?

Lastly i look at what might be the aim of the moves, what surprises, threats that give me a hint of the enemy overall strategy or aim. If i can see a pattern of the enemy strategy plan then i can become more aware of what tactics the enemy is going to use to rob me of material.

Only two things matter on the board in chess that is the 'position' and the material balance, tactics are what you use to kill the enemy or deny them land. Loss of land or loss of material means the enemy usually has less good options than you do. 

That is why you should focus on not making mistakes because mistakes or errors lose you either land/ space or material (your army) and thus you lose good options and freely give your enemy more options.