Hints and Tip for Beginners...

May 18, 2013, 6:23 AM |

Hello ppl plz follow my progress as i take my 1100 and double it to 2200 Master rating. My hints and tips i will post here over time, i am 50 n not played 30 yrs; can a 50 year old become a Master? = well yes n here will show you how...

My rating is around 1100 but i am a stronger player i think around 1400, my rating is b/c of 2 things. I move to quickly without looking and i try and make a plan to win; VERY bad 4 beginners...

So how can i easily carry myself to rating 1400, two things (three things actually) 1= do not get more chess books, vow that your chess books buying is over; use the ones u have repeatedly, books do not make u stronger YOU DO!!!

2nd'ly is you have an acct here use the tactics trainer as often as u can for 15 mins a day. Its more important to do each day than one hour per week. Focus on getting the puzzles RIGHT n understanding them. (If you have the paid membership use chess mentor; its even better)!!!

My main way is not to try and win games; this is my 'secret' formula, instead of winning moves i will focus on not making blunders. Each game i review to find the mistakes i made, so i will easily get to 1400 by staying alive with fewer mistakes than my enemy. Simply put i will avoid errors and let them kill themselves with blunders.

This is a great strategy 4 beginners, its gets them playing chess and by focusing on not making mistakes they get further into games and learn more, sure they will still loose but its the best time return strategy 4 beginners. Forget openings or end-games 4 now focus not on 'correct' play but accurate play.

Let your opponent make mistakes, aim to reduce your error rate and 1400 will come quickly in my opinion.