How to play chess for life

Jun 26, 2013, 4:50 AM |

To me reading your notes a bit... Firstly as i write in my Blog pages i am back to chess after 30 years away. Today i find important differences in chess, especially from the internet where every nut-job like me can put their opinion out there 4 everyone 4 free. And a chess player has not been born yet who does not form some opinion about something :) 

Do not play the Ruy Lopez it is far to popular and well analysed, you need a proven solid reliable proven opening that gives you all the advantages of the Ruy Lopez with none of the Ruy disadvantages. The Ruy is heavily played and analysed this makes it far harder for you to know it better than your opponent. The Scotch game is proven solid and reliable and Kar even said " the Scotch Game is the only real alternative to the Ruy".

To me i am only new again but i will never use the Ruy Lopez; if others are playing it then i will avoid it, i will focus on my openings and the other important areas of chess. I am figuring i will see enough RL anyways when i play Black and always met White with d5 or c6. I plan on trying to avoid opening theory and make up for that in other areas of chess. I have my openings including the Scotch Game and Caro / Slav and use those solid proven things come hell or high water.

But mainly the thing i try and do in chess is put the pieces where they want to go on the board in co-ordination and never ever ever make an error. By removing errors from my game i let my enemy gets to lose first, in this warfare no one wins in chess it is simply a matter of who loses first.