I play long turn move online chess

May 26, 2013, 8:25 PM |

I sometimes travel for some duration in real life and may not get a lot of notice on when i might travel. But regardless i think everyone should play long move online chess, i select 14 days. This allows me to plan a day when i can analyse my games despite real life commitments even if i am not travelling.

I just explain i should always move in 3 days but need this longer time due to the unforseen future. Thus i have one day to find the move, the 2nd day i re-consider my options again, the third day i review the entire last few moves and enter my selection.

Thus i only take 2-4 days maximum per move, but i have the option of 14 days if i am fatigued or busy from real life. But please never ever ever take on more than a dozen games at once.

12 games is the most anyone can handle, why? well i expect some games will simply forfit away with the opponent missing their time frame per move. I reduce this by having my opponent select 14 days but informing them i will not take this long (normally; [see above]).

So some games will be in the opening, the middle game, endgame and so at any one time i will have 9 important games to consider moves in. In addition i have all my other normal chess and life needs so 9 is the maximum and any more than 12 or a dozen games means you will be to busy making moves instead of considering options or reviewing your past games.

Make your chess time more productive, play online and never more than a dozen games or you are simply not developing your chess abilites and maybe as well be playing any one of the thousand other mindless online games which would be more useful to your chess career than playing 'mindless' chess...