LoL damn sick of waiting...


Very annoying the waiting... I am 49 years old and just avoiding chess, but reading about it, especially my openings...

I am waiting till i turn 50 in a few days, then i am going to turn my 1100 rating into 2200 Master rating. Can an 'old' man become a chess Master? well i think so and i will doco my journey here for others to follow.

So simply since i am not really playing chess i am reading chess books, but not even that much (i own well well over 50+ books) then i realised i would get better by reading one book 3 times than 3 different books, so 2 u i say 'no more books' use the books u have.

About my openings, i have spent weeks finding the 'perfect openings' and i have found them finally. 

Beginners cannot expect to win many chess games they need to avoid mistakes and learn, so they do not need complicated openings but solid defensive openings. Every chess player must learn some defense b4 they can become a great attacking player, its simple logic learn to stay alive longer b4 learning forceful attacks; which beginners cannot pull off due to mistakes or lack of experience.

When i say openings i do not mean opening lines but simply a plan of my first few moves. So what makes a perfect opening; well an opening that has more advantages all-round than disadvantages, since every opening has some weaknesses. 

1) it must follow the principles of development, co-ordination etc.

2) it must be proven reliable over time by experienced players.

3) it must have a good variety of possible positions that result from different opponents moves, (its silly 4 people to use lines that regularly make 'bad-bishops' or that sacrifice a knight),

4) Must have been around a long time to have been fully investigated and proven by strong players, (its useless to learn a pet surprise opening to win games against weak players and then often lose when u try that opening against stronger players who know the 'key' to defeating it; this is why most 'gambits' and novelty openings are worthless at higher ratings except as rare surprises,

5) Your opening must be solid and proven and simple; by this i mean less complicated than the popular stuff in fashion now. Many people know the Ruy Lopez, Sicilian or French they are in vogue and popular. Players read about them, play them, study them, dream about them etc. So a beginner is trying to learn and win at chess and immediately playing openings back at their opponents that their opponents are familar with. This is stupid to me, nor is trying to use surprise or rare openings reliable long term.

If you continually use 'surprises' you learn them and win more, your rating goes up and your reputation 4 surprise openings goes up to... So you get better and people start to look at your games and then find u usually use "surprises" so then they 'book-up' and u get many surprise defeats...

So enough from me, what are my results to the best openings.

as WHITE the e4 Scotch game or Veresov,

as BLACK = Caro-Kann against anything white plays, call it what u like but use Cao-Kann moves,

as WHITE the d4 opening then the Catalan; King's indian Attack (KiA).

My style does not matter these openings are all proven reliable at all levels of chess over time, they have more strong points than weaknesses and are not currently popular and do not require mindless hours of study to learn and update. Over time these openings will help me get to positions i understand better than my opponent and i will adapt them to 'lines' of play i enjoy and trust (my own 'style').

So i will not need to jump between openings as my chess games progress since i know my openings are solid and reliable then its me who is losing and not my opening. Even in the furture i find i want a different style of opening then i will have more experience in choosing one but have these solid openings known to me from many games.

This means i will learn the popular stuff because it will be played by the fashionable people against me, i will learn my own solid less known openings and have reliable game positions that i am more familar with then my opponent. Who cares what "lines" are played i just want to learn my positions, aims and goals that result.