Make your chess Rock the enemy...

Jan 7, 2015, 11:48 PM |

i would like to see some thing about the importance of your opening in creating a hopefully lasting helpful imbalance in your own favour so u r better prepared 4 the middle game fight.

something that says and shows people while u can never win every game and opening preparation is of some importance not at the expense of middle game planning and end game analysis etc.

so while we win and lose our averages will increase overall if we stick with some simplier proven openings and focus instead of learning probably neglected areas of knowledge instead of honing and boning up our openings.

i wrote an ebook on the best black opening ever and why it is the best black opening; all the while my white army sucks. Something that shows people you can improve by using one solid system that hurts the enemy and gives you commanding advantages into the later game.

Now i must do the same for white so my white average improves. not that i care about my 1500 rating; not at all, simply that i need to find better enemies that challenge me 2 play better 2 advance. this is not to sound egotistical or self-important nor under-play the skill of those low-life enemies 2 kill me on the field of battle, but its about making me a stronger commanding general.

my rating sucks for a few reasons lately i am pulled away from chess, simply my family DeMaNdEd i get a job; and this eats into my chess time and i think that is entirely unreasonable...

secondly my 75 chess are mainly "at home" literally 'on the other side of the planet'.

but the real and honest answer i have been slack, the secret formula ? i have been avoiding tactics trainer; so, unless u have a 2 at the front of your rating score u gotta hit tactics trainer; the answer my friends is simple, better tactical vision equals more wins.

for my money 4get chess mentor here, do not even look at it; it is to hit and miss and very selective in what it provides. do not get me wrong its an awesome idea and well worth the effort of the job well done. but very few of the mentor items will be easily understood or applied, so u get far less bang for your buck; so stick with tactics trainer; and give mentor a miss.

simply it is like remembering "how do i checkmate with a knight and bishop again" ??? well who cares there are far more everyday useful chessy ideas 2 gear up on and u will get em from tactics not mentor...

and please no disrespect to those mentor preparers who have slaved so diligently 2 bring u such an online learning tool, but time wise; tactics is all u need; unless yr rating starts with a 2...