Making money out of chess...

Jun 10, 2014, 10:29 AM |

Personally; to me, chess is a game. It is done for the personal relaxation and recreational benifits it gives me instead of money. 

Now i can understand people who discover chess andd get truly "bitten-by-the-chess-bug" to expect they get paid a living wage for palying their recreational "hobby".

The true reason chess players will never make a ton of gold from chess? simple... there is no "wow" factor in chess. If you watch basketball or football you can understand how complex the coordination is that requires the player to make these lightning moves to score a hoop or touchdown.

So most people can understand the human dynamics of physical sport. add to this the top paid public officials of colledges nation wide are sports coaches and not deans of liturature or history professors.

Simply sport brings in gold and mental sports does not, we all know it takes a ton of skill to be good at chess, but anyone watching sport is unlikely to even own a cheque book; never mind being able to actually "balance" their 'checkbook'.

thus there is no bang for the buck gratification of a lightning result in chess. since very few watching chess can even work out the difference between an xray tactic and deflection.

i can understand people wanting to make serious gold out of what they find interesting and get pleasure from, but truly how can u do that when 99% of the retards who would pay for such a 'priviledge' are to stupid 2 know how the pieces move.

they watch professional sports people and think "my own lazy abused neglected body could never do that and are impressed" but asking their mind 2 think more about chess than take-away food??? enough; never gonna happen...

chess is a game of the mind and until people learn to actually think and reason and analyse please do not expect 2 get paid serious gold 4 enjoyin your hobby...

if people could actually think and analyse and use common sense do you think most of our "politicians" could 'survive' on the "public payroll"?

If you love chess make sure u r good enough for the top 25% in the world or take whatever table crumbles people chose 2 throw your way as you enjoy your hobby.

Simply put chess is too boring a spectator sport to encourage retards whom are to stupid to understand anything intellectual 2 part with serious gold to pay professional chess players.

that is why colledges over pay their sports coaches and offer scholarships for physical sports and ignore the mental skills like chess, there is no incentive nor profit from mind games...

If you wanta make gold; do not choose chess.................................. unless you are truly brilliant at it...............