Play the Nimzo-Scan ftw !!! ;)

Jul 2, 2013, 4:58 AM |

The Scandinavian i use but i also "invented" the 'Nimzo-Scan' i say i invented this opening because i cannot find a real name for it; so if anyone knows its real name please let us all know plz?

Nimzo used to do crazy but good openings like the NimzoIndian and NimzoLarsen, so i named this opening after him sort of ; the NimzoScan...

1 d4, c4. 2 dxc, Qa5+. 3..., Qxc5. 4..., Qc7. 5..., Nc6. or 4..., Nc6 which is the Nimzowitsch Defense. I am sure many 'famous' people have played similar moves and cannot imagine how an "inventer" like Nimzowitsch never did so hence the name, Play the NimzoScan For The Win !!! ;)