So... how can a beginner get better at chess

Jun 9, 2013, 6:19 PM |

Simple play less chess. I find the more chess i play the less i "think" i make 'reactive' moves and play to quickly. If you are here to play blitz chess a basically stupid persons way of using fast moves to confuse any decent opponent then this blog is not for you.

Blitz chess will only harm your chess ratings. What you want is longer games of blitz just to practice your moves or openings and help you speed up your decision making or whatever, these could be five or 10 minutes long games but stupid chess of 3 minutes per game will just mess your mind up; it will not help your long term chess.

So. play a dozen online games, i play 14 days per move so i have time to consider each game well and my options. This way i have time for real-life stuff like doing housework, kids, yard, shopping and the most horrid of horrors; work. Usually i move almost immediately within one day at most but have up to two weeks between games. Do not decide to play 3 dozen longer games, remember you want to become very familar with each of your fewer dozen games. So you have time to practice tactics and read about strategy or the latest wrinkle in your amazing opening.

What i am saying is you should reserve your chess mind for playing to play your best with less actual play time so you make fewer mistakes. Make notes on each of your dozen games and then replay those games a week later and read the computer analysis. Play over your own games for better learning and make brief !!!! notes so you can scan these notes quickly to see where you make your common mistakes.

This way a dozen online games will make you a far stronger player long term...