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So the climb begins

May 29, 2013, 6:46 PM 0

Well now i am officially 50 years old, and also just rang my boss during my holidays and get told i have no job ;) well amazing...

LoL i spent much of my holidays wondering how 'loyal' i should be to my boss, my time would have been better spent finding another job instead of 'worrying' how loyal i should have been to my boss...

Anyways i am like a cat, i always land on my feet so now i must climb towards 2200 Master rating and find another job, central to this chess improvement will be online imagination games.

Chess is about finding inspiring moves (or trying to remember boring 'lines') so by flexing my imagination and creativity i believe this will help 'train' my brain to see more options on the chess board.

Chess 4 me is about useful lifelong skills, persistence, discipline, commitment, will-power, controlled risk taking, memory and a host of other things and espeicially fun and the reward of winning a solid game.

Its about me as a person improving more than my chess rating, these personal skills can only help me in real life; like now facing the future of finding a new job...

Practice creativity in your games to improve your recognition o canidate moves but remember to be selective in evaluating your choices. Hopefully you will get better at recognising your opponent building up a threat b4 it materialises; have fun...

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