Want to know the greatest perfect openings?

Jul 2, 2014, 12:26 PM |

It is really very simple actually. Chess has rules and those rules define legal moves etc. it is tradition and modern 'fashion' that define what is a good opening. By this i mean top rated players might win with openings like a3 or h6 but for mere mortals we needs something that is a lot more solid and reliable.

To help learn my black opening, i have very little wish to study a lot of openings etc. so i created a blend of three of super quality black openings and decided to help me learn it better i even published a book about it.

These openings have proven themselves solid over decades and at world class matches with success, so i think they are good enough for me to base my chess career upon.

One universal black opening for anything white plays a careful mix of top shelf proven black openings, you simply mix the caro-kann/ scandinavian and slav. This gives you a rock solid defensive game, unfortunately while it is rock solid it is also very boring lol.

Its ok if you like to sit behind a self repairing impregnable wall and wait for white to lose, but does that make you a "better" chess player? probably not...

So now i want a second black opening, not because my main black defense has 'problems' it is just very boring after the first few hundred games. For white i use the Scotch it has many variations and is super attacking chess and to be honest i sux at it. So i am now writing a book about that opening as well to learn it better...

So what is the "perfect" 'second' black opening for the player who has the 'perfect' "first" black opening ??? Simple, not a lot of study and something you can win with for the rest of your chess career...

So while the best place to learn is in "straight" openings that directly oppose white and try and occupy the centre, another great area to learn in chess is the flank openings or to 'influence' the centre from the flank along a diagonal.

This diagonal playing is not for beginners who should learn my 'hybrid' black opening first (or pick whatever else that is proven solid and reliable).

So what is the "perfect" 'second' black opening ? i have looked and studied and analysed and it is really very "clear".

1.b6. People hate it, they say it is unreliable and gives up to many concessions for white. To me this is great, it is not fashionable people underestimate 1.b6 and do not truly try and learn it since there are so many other areas of chess and chess openings to focus upon.

To my mind this makes 1.b6 perfect, since i already have my main "A" game black defense, i can now add in this new alternative, the perfection of 1.b6 is that you can enjoy a journey of "self-discovery" with it.

1.b6 can easily lead into the French, Queens Indian Defense, Nimzo Indian or any of the other main streams like Grunfeld, Kings Indian Attack etc. This means over time you can "choose" which way to 'direct' your game depending upon the board "conditions".

All these openings are super-solid and proven, or you can jsut decide to be 'playful' and "expermient" with your own 'pet' "lines" from 1.b6. Feel annoyed or happy or hungover or ambitious you can play this one opening in any number of different ways and white will have no clue as to your ultimate play strategy in this game. 

Thus white is put off their "A" game and forced to 'play' chess instead of rehearsed "lines" of their 'favourite' opening.

Then since as you devolop over the years and find your own play style preferences you can focus in more on the "real" opening that you feel is more 'mainstream'. But all your experiments has given you tons of free learning lessons.

Then you can play the same 1.b6 defense as White with 1.b3 and have a far shorter study curve so you can direct your limited chess time into end games or other areas of chess knowledge instead of try to always learn the "latest" novelty discovery in your main stream fashionable opening that everyone is studying...

Seriosuly who is going to "book-up" and bother to learn a 'response' to 1.b6 since it is so rarely played, i know people do but they are far more likely to be 'booked-up' against your popular main stream conventional opening, thus you have the element of surprise; and you throw white off their main game...

And that is something very valuable when playing Black...