Well only a few more days and i can start the journey towards becoming a Master

May 23, 2013, 10:13 AM |

Well i am almost 50 years old, i am well educated but have the attention span of a gold-fish, but i am internet savvy and if the internet can turn teenagers into GrandMasters then i am sure it can turn an 'old-man' into a 2200 Mater :)

So... No chess till i am 50 years young; but i am researching my openings which is a complete waste of time for a 1200 rated player; but i have nothing else to do till the journey to 2200 commences on my Birthday; real soon.

So what are my plans on becoming a master? Simple.

I am going to focus on the two best openings in the world of chess, The Scotch Game and the Caro-Kann. No other openings give such usefullness to a new player.

The French is to positional for a new player, the Sicilian and Ruy Lopez are too technical and much to popular for a new player to experiment with.

The 'beauty' of the Scotch game is its solid and reliable and not to technical but has heaps of options to develop over time, plus most lower rated players (like me) will know nothing about it. They are to busy learning the lines of the popular openings. I had originally thought of using 1. b3 and 1..., b6 but upon reflection i need to focus on learning to play and occupy the centre of the board rather than trying to play 'sideways', if you understand.

With the Scotch Opening i will have years to perfect it as my ratings climb so i am good with it before i start finding serious players who are well schooled up on the Scotch game. Another great thing about the Scotch Game out of all the openings i have looked at is the 1. e4 open game format, more tactical than 1. d4 positional so its a good place for a newbie / beginner like me to start; with 1. e4.

So lets look at the most popular replies 1..., c5 (so now we know what Black is doing with this 'signiture' opening). 1..., e6 again limited options on what Black is going to play so now we have some information to respond with our next move.

But likely Black will wait to see what we are going to play next so they will not give us to much information, maybe they play 1..., e5 so now we use 2. Nf3 to set up for 3. d4 and now Black is almost committed to 2..., Nc6 this we get into our game of the Scotch Opening.

So the Scotch game is relatively unknown, not a mass of theory, easy to enter with most opening moves, is proven solid and reliable; this gives a perfect opening upon which to build upon.

For much the same reasons my Black opening will be the Caro-Kann against anything White plays. These openings are not often seen as much at lower levels so i will have heaps of time to do the important things since i have only two openings to ever worry about.

I will focus upon reviewing my games, finding my 'blunders' and removing them. Simply put i will stay alive until my opponent "self-destructs" over time my openings will get more solid and refined and practiced and i will make fewer and fewer mistakes and get better. Thus i will play stronger players and repeat the process, i will not spend forever playing but focus upon quality longer games and then dissect my mistakes and make notes upon how to improve.

Fewer mistakes will equal more wins and a faster climb to 1600 rating in the most timely manner. Then i will focus upon how best to use my opening against more gifted players as i climb higher. Over time i will get better and i will forget all the rubbish others try and learn about chess and focus on making my games more solid...

Thanks my recipe...