what should a rather new player play

May 27, 2013, 6:16 PM |

i am a returning player after some 30 years away. i have an opinion and so does everyone else.

Beginners or novices should open with e4, it leads to more open games instead of the more complex issues that develop from 1. d4 and a more positional game.

BUT worst of all is to tell players to use unusual openings like b3, b6 and Nc6. These are ok openings that try and control the central parts of the board from the corners. Thus e4, d4, d5 have pressure applied from bishops sitting in the corners.

It defies my imagination why people would expect rather newer players to be able to control the centre from a distance effectively before they understand how they can influence the centre from actually placing people there.

We are trying to help people understand chess general principles so they have some foundation to learn upon. I am not saying the b6 and b3 and Nc6 have anything 'wrong' with them but they are an unusual opening compared to the 'main stream' more tried and proven systems of openings like e4 / d4.

That being said their is far less theory with b3 and b6 and Nc6 compared to the 'normal' e4 / d4 openings but its for advanced players.

In addition the g3 and g6 openings have been very well explored and are not that unusual so it is fairly pointless suggesting a newer player try g3 or g6 since they will be playing less sound opening moves compared to e4 / d4 and these openings will have little "surprise-value".

I myself will use e4; Scotch game and then 1. d4 as my openings. Once i am higher rated and more epxerienced i will learn to use b3 and Nc6 or b6 but i cannot imagine i get any sort of 'value-4-investment from 1..., g6 or 1. g3 since they are not that unexplored.

Beginners should stick with tried and proven average moves instead of trying to sucker-punch a more experienced opponent with solid systems like Nc6, b3 or b6 that take years of effort to build into an effective fighting weapon.

Lets get novices playing chess instead of trying to 'blow-their-mind-open' with "TMI" (Too Much Inormation)...