Why the Caro Kann is perfection in Black

Jun 10, 2014, 8:34 AM |

New players have a lot of things to learn when they come to chess in their early days of playing. I recall the 'fights' over "cheating" with enpassant pawns and 'ah-idiot; you castled the "wrong" way, thats the Queens' side'...

With so many things to learn like pins and forks and x-rays and how to checkmate with a kNight and Bishop and a ton of other useless things beginners like me get confused over the last thing they should be focusing upon is "learning" an opening.

Did you know you can checkmate # with a kNight and Bishop ? and seriously if you know how to do it then you have wasted a lot of chess study time. The chances of that occurring in an important match is very slim and far more likely of very little consequence; your time would have been better spent 'practicing' R vs R or K vs K+Pawn endings.

My new book explains the Caro-Kann as the 'perfect' Black opening. This opening is perfection personified. A lot of things are important in chess like tactics, end games, planning, strategy (not the same things), balance and a ton of other more important things than an opening.

So how does a new player actually really play chess? when they have so many otehr things to learn. Well my book explains a special hybrid Black opening based around the Caro Kann opening. The C-K is truly the best Black opening for a newer player and it will add hundreds of points to your game if you are lowly ranked.

So how can a noob beginner like me show people how to get faster results in chess. Simple; i show you a hybrid defense based upon the C-K and how to avoid many of the early learning mistakes newer players make. The beauty of the C-K hybrid system is almost no player you play will know how to break into your defense.

As White tries to attack your Black opening destroys their attacking forces and you end up losing less of your army and usually end up with a stronger end game. Playing Black helps you learn how to not make mistakes as you learn what those mistakes are as White tries to destroy your Black opening.

In addition with so many things a new player has to learn much of it pure theory until the player gets actual board experience are built into this black defense automatically. Thus the learning curve for a new player is eased since i give them a recipe to play and they learn things without realising it. Later as they do chess study they find these ideas written into chess study books and realise they had been doing some of these things without even realising it. This C-K hybrid system should add lots of 'easy' points to your rating. 

More importantly this hybrid system is based aroun the Caro Kann and has been proven at the highest levels of professional chess. People love to argue and will tell you the C-K is not the "best" Black opening; my advice, smile at that "idiot". They are 'clueless' and are in reality just trying to find someone to hopefully agree with them whom is as 'clueless' as they are to "reality"...

The C-K was here killing White long before anyone playing chess today was alive and the Caro Kann will be killing White after these fools have died and are forgotten. The C-K will live on and the "proof" of this is that the greatest minds in the history of chess, Capablanca, Tal, Fischer, Kasparov, Lasker, and millions of hours of analysis cannot fault it.

Or maybe you are still not convinced well Mikhail Tal the single greatest chess player in history played the C-K and if any people wonder if Karpov knows what he is doing when he plays the Caro Kann then they are truly clueless; unless like me you think these players could win at chess no matter what opening they chose...

My ideas for the Caro-Kann are not new just presented in a "better" way as a 'recipe' to teach newer players how to win at chess, winning leads to better enemies and faster learning and more fun. Of course it is also shuts down a lot of White's openings that can hurt Black.

And my next book will show the "perfect" White opening for new players. This 'recipe' manual will give ideas on how and why to get into chess as White and a faster way of winning chess games while not having to learn much...

These two books will allow busy people to play chess without a lot of learning and teach them how to think for themselves to get the festest results possible; to kill the enemy and what could be more fun than that ...