Nov 20, 2009, 2:03 PM |

I wonder how fantasy evolved my cry
now that ghosts have outraged the cynics-
the sunlight waits for you
my desire to tears sabatoged
by the opulent cult of hypocrisy

the unstable run in circles
shouting at all the noise
until emotions are vanquished
like rags lying in the corner-
throw down your heart-
heft the box of bones through the door
and deliver to the keepers of the tongue
this tome bereft of meaning

secrets spin slowly away
like galaxies into eternity
while we debate the meaning of meaning
and peer into the face of the approaching storm-
for the eccentrics have learned
to sharpen their wits
in this season of lunacy

freezing rain flies toward the north star
while music from the festival
of the deranged rumbles
into a roar like hail
on a tin roof-
the she-bird's abandoned her egg
now that the innocent insist
on maintaining their guilty status

lunatics roam the streets with impunity
while humor experts get serious
about the sequel to our paranoia
waiting to see if we've improved with age
sometime before we die

and me? I'm going to retire soon
from my insistence on remaing
in the fetal position
and try to become genuine
in my disingenuousness