Pincer Attack

Dec 20, 2009, 12:13 PM |

This is a review of the Pincer Attack, introduced by Jrobi >>>here<<<.  You can find his youtube channel >>>here<<< & his website >>>here<<<.


                            ::Pincer Attack::










In summary...  It seems that black is usually inclined to sit back and develop their own machine (in the same way white does).  Most challenges (pushing into opposing territory, and exchanges) occur later than I am used to (moves 8-10+).  I think the d3&e3 pawns are incredibly weak without precise play.  Most of the time one of the bishops will sit and do nothing for a while.  At a glance this is bad, but these bad states of a bishop seem temporary (sleeping bishops).  The kingside knight will almost always get pinned to the queen at some point.  I will definitely use this in some blitz games simply because unorthodox play can give an advantage.  With more development it is probably well suited for class C & D players under standard time controls.