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How NOT to play against the London System: SuperNationals Round 5 EPIC victory!

How NOT to play against the London System: SuperNationals Round 5 EPIC victory!

May 16, 2017, 6:49 PM 14

One of the most difficult defenses for Black to play and successfully equalize is the London System, where White goes 1. d4 and 2. Bf4, or 2. Nf3 and 3. Bf4. However, as you can see in the post title, this is a post about how NOT to play against the London System, featuring a game played by yours truly. Now, I was 4-0 going into Round 5 of the SuperNationals VI, and was on board 1 facing CM Jacob Furfine (2307). Jacob and I have had some battle history prior to this game, the first actually being in the 2014 K-6 Nationals on board 1 of Round 5, with perfect 4-0s! We drew that time, and had met in games two more times since then, not counting this one, with another draw and Jacob winning the third encounter. All games were played with me having the black pieces; however, they featured a different opening in each one. The first was a 1. d4 and 2. c4, the second was a 1. Nf3, and the third was a 1. c4. Before this round, every one of my friends were telling me that I should expect the London System, yet ANOTHER different opening! Sure enough, Jacob went straight ahead with this opening, and got a brilliant positional position out of the opening. Won't ruin too much, but I was able to wriggle out and win in a massive time scramble, with this game lasting the longest of all the junior high games this round. 

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the game, and got some instruction on how NOT to play against the London System! Don't put your light squared bishop on "d7"! Next up: Down a minor piece with the piece still on the board???: SuperNationals Round 6!

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